Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Look What We Found in the Park

Look what we found in the dark in the park
We will take him home
We will call him Clark
Well not quite, but other Dr Seuss characters have been spotted in the neighbourhood this week - swomee swans, humming fish, Brown Bar-ba-loots and even a Lorax!
So this week's task was to get the central park for my neighbourhood sorted out. There were a lot of conceptual challenges for me.
I was not really up for more paper piecing but I got some inspiration from Flickr photos of blocks with parks or playgrounds. I made improvisational blocks 8.5" square, the same as the house blocks. 
Then I set about sashing the park with green grass and then a grey border.
I have yet to see 'The Lorax' movie but it is definitely one of the best of Dr Seuss' books. My kids and I love listening to the audio version read by comedian Rik Mayall (think 'Young Ones')

This week's stats:
Completed projects  - Sweet Sugar Cookie Sack

Currently in progress  - Practically Paper Piecing  'Neighbourhood' project

Yet to start - Craftsy BOMs
                         - Zakka Style Little Pocket Pillowcase
On Hold projects   1 Katie Jump Kites - top finished

I have not joined up with WiP Wednesday since it's nice to be back.


  1. My kids and I just read that particular book last night! That "look what we found in the park" bit has a special place in my soul now that I'm a mom, haha! It makes me chuckle ach time.

    I love how you used the fabrics! It looks wonderful! So clever, the houses are charming!

    1. Marian - reading Dr Seuss books to kids at bedtime is one of the best things to do, EVER! There's something about his rhyming scheme that just makes everyone smile along with his inventive words and kooky illustrations. My kids also love 'Too Many Daves' and 'What was I Scared of?'from 'The Sneetches and other stories' and we have an audiobook CD version with Miranda Richardson that is very well done. Great for car trips to school and back.

  2. Look what you found, I mean made, in the park! It's so whimsical and wonderful, Fiona! It makes the quilt so lively!

  3. What a cute little neighborhood and park! And those Dr Seuss characters are a great addition. Love it!

  4. This is looking so adorable, Fiona. My girls would love this!

  5. Fiona, this is really cool. :)

  6. That's so awesome gotta love Dr Seuss! The Lorax movie was so cool! I couldn't bring myself to cut into my Dr Seuss fabric =D

    1. Yes it was hard to cut into it BEFORE I had cut it up for a quilt but how could I not? That park just needed something Seussical! We plan to watch the movie this Saturday night as I was able to buy a DVD version for only $20 yesterday. Yippee!

  7. Loving this for the centre of your quilt! It's looking so fabulous!

  8. Fun,fun,fun!!! Love the houses:)


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