Friday, 25 November 2011

Refrigerator Realities

I am not sure if it is common but most people I know have had their electricity bill increase dramatically in the last quarter. Ours went from around $600 to OVER $1000.00!!! I was shocked to say the least. I had to ring the electricity company to ask for an extension to pay.

The phone lady was so lovely and set up a payment plan for me. She also told me that most bills increased by 30% with the last quarter. Really? That's ridiculous! How are people on a fixed pension supposed to absorb that cost increase? Well ours is fully over that increase.

I asked her if there were any tips to reducing our usage and she gave me a few:

  • turn appliances OFF at the wall when not in use.
  • buy appliances that have more STARS in their ratings
  • dispose of/ or replace items that are inefficient
Now we have a fridge in out garage that has been used for extra space to hold beer, soft drink, yoghurt and frozen foods.It immediately came to mind because it is not used to full capacity and the freezer section is more like an Ice Age than the fiiords of New Zealand at the moment.
So my plan is to clean it out and turn it off this weekend. Hopefully that will decrease our next bill by a little more.

So I needed to organise my kitchen fridge more efficiently. I got out my trusty label maker and got to work. 

Plus I made use of a few plastic containers that I found lying around doing nothing when I cleaned out the plasticware last Friday.

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