Monday, 2 December 2013

Feeling like a Mama Hen

The Big Peeps grew out of the hutch rather quickly.

So the small chicks and now called 'The Big Peeps' because they have grown teenage feathers and now live in their own wing of the chook shed.

We waited three extra weeks for some special chicks to hatch. One was a Gold-Laced Wyandotte and the other was a Silver-Laced Wyandotte. Both very hard to source locally.

So Edison and Einstein settled in under the ceramic heat lamp. They were a couple of Wyandotte brothers (we are not sure what gender they are as they are very hard to distinguish at this early age) and they were loud. Edison peeped all day and all night it seemed. Duncan came up with a theory "He peeps bause he's tired and he's tired because he peeps". 

One afternoon Frances and Tristan were exchanging the chicks when Edison was dropped onto the tiled floor.

He grew very ill the next day and as I held him in my hand he breathed his last and died. 

When the kids came home from school that afternoon we had a little funeral for Edison and buried him under the lemon tree. The kids said a couple of prayers. Later I saw Frances sitting over there with him saying a prayer, blowing him a kiss and then singing him a little song. It was very touching.

Poor Einstein was left by himself ans his chirping was very sad. I took a trip back out to Farmer McGrath's and bought a white Silkie and blue Araucana chick to keep him company.

They are all fast friends. They spend sunny days outside in the small hutch.

There are new rules though. No picking the chicks up.

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  1. Oh dear. Difficult lesson to learn! Hopefully the new little chicks all settle in nicely!


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