Thursday, 22 September 2011

Garage Sale Pieces

Two weekends ago our church and their Preschool had a Garage Sale and Children's Expo. There were no early entries into the sale and I popped in once the line up had made it inside at 8am. I spotted a wrought iron and wood wall table straight away, paid and took to my car for only $15.

The wall table now with some gorgeous waratahs on display
 I also found these delicate floral water colours for only $2 each.

So when I got home these two purchases went nicely together in our front entryway. Along with a nice seat I'd picked up from an op-shop last year.

Then I returned and found a gorgeous cupboard that no one had snapped up. It was already painted both inside and out. Apart from 2 dodgy hinges there is nothing wrong with it. They were nice enough to put my name and a SOLD sign on it for only $40! It was too heavy to carry and so my husband picked it up later in the day.

It was good enough to use by itself as a side table but I had other plans for it. Thankfully it was long enough to hold my box shelving. So everything just moved up about 80cm.

At the foot of the bed I added an extra basket to balance out the look and my need for storage for large postage envelopes, bags hanging on the bed posts and other sewing materials.

I was also accumulating a heap of oversized Preschool paintings and craft from my daughter and they were a pile threatening to avalanche at any moment. So I bought a slightly smaller cane basket to hide them all in until I can find time to sort, keep, photograph or throw them.

I also sorted out the shelving issues we were having in the ensuite and upgraded to a glass unit from Aldi.



And the suction shelves have been put to good use elsewhere. We rent, so we cannot have permanent wall fixtures.

Here one was used in the main bathroom above the bath
And the other in the ensuite shower
These three adorn the laundry wall
Here are my cleaning products. 1/3 cap detergent, 1/2 cup bi-carb soda and white vinegar for the rinse cycle. Also my very helpful chart that tells me how treat stains on fabric and carpets, available from Shannon Lush's Spotless and Stainless range.

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