Friday, 2 September 2011

Declutter #3

Inspired by some ideas on Pinterest 

Ensuite Vanity

Before and After

Bathroom Vanity

Too much stuff on the sink

Now simplified

Toothbrushes in easy reach

 Laundry Cupboard

We have regular swimming lessons and soccer games, so I wanted some shelves set aside for these items.

This side of the cupboard was a complete mess but some linen boxes, with peekaboo windows, made all the difference.

Linen Cupboard

It wasn't all bad because I de-cluttered a heaps of unused/old/unwanted linen and towel last year. I made a vow to only keep three sets of towels, for each person, in the cupboard.

But the linen boxes helped with the mess of mattress and pillow protectors that haunted the top shelf.

 Cupboard Above the Fridge

 A had already sorted these items into containers but I finally got around to labeling them.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had an unused box in the sewing room.

Batteries Sorted into sewing/tackle box

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