Friday, 29 November 2013

A Girly Story

Melissa of Ms Midge loves to sew. She has a little business on Facebook selling all manner of handmade items. I have bought my daughter a couple of her well made girly dresses.

Ms Midge

Midgey has two young daughters. So when it came to making Midgey's teal coloured pouch, I had to include a little girl sleeping in.

Then some toast for breakfast on the back. It was easy to have the wafting smell as the free motion design for this one.

Linking up to I Quilt over at Pretty Bobbins.


  1. Looks so great. I love how thoughtfully yo picked fabrics and quilting designs to suit each of the Wombats :)

  2. I love this post Fiona! Love it! You're so thoughtful xxx

  3. I love this pouch Fiona! You made the perfect choices for each of us! Thanks for linking up xx


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