Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Chinese Story

One of my closest friends, Goldie, comes from north eastern China. Tomorrow she will become an Australian citizen. It must be a huge deal to give up the country of your birth and identify yourself with one that you adopted. I am so proud of her.

I told her that I would be there to witness it nomatter where or when. She lives about 4 hours away in the lovely New England town of Armidale. So tomorrow Frances and I are heading off to get to the ceremony by 2pm and then spend the weekend there.

I wanted to make Goldie something special for her to use. I used my Notebook cover and zip pouch tutorials to make her two practical items.

The 2.5" squares start with the colours of the Chinese flags and then transition to the colours of the Australian flag on the back. 

I enjoyed doing some free motion quilting on the pouch.

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  1. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift! Very special you'll be at the citizenship ceremony too!

  2. I love how you included colours from both countries :)

  3. You are so clever! What a very sweet and thoughtful gift! Have a safe trip.

  4. Beautiful gift, hope you traveled safely.
    And please welcome Goldie to our great big Aussie family. We are thrilled to have her.

  5. These are great Fiona! And congratulations to Goldie! I hope you all had a lovely weekend together xx


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