Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Un-sticking and Un-picking

I was given sage advice from my mum warning me never to quilt when I am tired or not in the right mood...that's when mistakes happen. I was well aware that I needed all of my wits to solve the problem of the 2nd and 3rd borders on the D9P 'Astor Manor' quilt. 

Most of the feedback from my online quilt group, 'Quilt Club Australia' on Facebook, was positive. They felt the corners needed to have a red or other dramatic colour. So I put little red square hedging the corners.

So I had to unpick and re-sew a lot of my pieced border #2. I tackled the horizontals on Saturday and the verticals today (Monday). The seams at each end did not match up and so I had to steal back some fabric by unpicking and re-sewing some of the pieces with a smaller seam allowance...or I had to add a whole new section to stretch the fabric far enough to match up.

But now the 2nd & 3rd borders are finished and it looks just lovely.

It fits the top of queen-sized mattress but I want to add another final border. That's for another day!


  1. Wow! Not only is that awesome but I can't even imagine the amount of work you put into it! The colors are perfect!


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