Monday, 18 July 2011

Gypsy Skirt and Scarf

This weekend I wanted to do a small dressmaking project. I needed some headspace from the piecing of the back of the AMD9P quilt...and also to refresh my skills as a dressmaker. 

Quilting can make you forget the other skills of sewing. Anyway, my daughter is forever choosing twirly skirts to wear around the house, so I pulled out my copy of 'Making Children's Clothes' by Emma Hardy, and found a pattern for a 3 tiered Gypsy skirt. Perfect! So I rifled through my fabric stash and came up with some pinks and reds. 

Frangapani Spots - This is the pink version.
Patchwork Strawberry - This red one had a bit of quilting 30s fabric added to it.
And I couldn't help but add a scarf, out of some gorgeous 30s fabric, to complete the look.

 Cute? Chic? Bretheren? Amish?

Still it was nice to finish something the same afternoon I started.

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