Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Work Room

Creative Space

I love when other people give you an insight into their workspace. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a room or corner of a room to leave their sewing machine and fabric set up permanently. I have a lot of space in our guest room. And the bed is a great place to display the quilts too!

Sewing Machine

This is my sewing machine. It's a Janome DC2101 and is about 9 months old. It's my first machine...so happy about computerised settings otherwise I would have steered clear of sewing! I have named her Florence in honour of both my maternal and paternal grandmothers.

It's not the right height for long bouts of sewing though. The box to the right holds all the tools, greaseproof paper and scissors for easy access. The cross stitch was made by my mum. I love teapot tea.
Finished Quilts

As you can see, I have a few quilts. Not all are for sale. A few are mone but most were done by my mum, Audrey. She keeps making more and more, so I needed better storage. The Expedit shelving unit by IKEA is ideal. Hopefully the quilt stash won't grow and take over my paperwork section in the top half!
My Fabric Stash

It started off so small...just a bunch of Fat Quarters. Now look at it! I did get a substantial injection when my mum de-stashed all of her kiddies and Liberty fabrics...but the rest is my purchasing...thanks to online shopping.

I have always like stackable see-through crates and I had a bunch already. Some like to sort fabrics according to colour, but I tend to sort by theme...girls, boys, babies, fairies, solids, patchwork pieces  etc. I also have a box for bags, dresses, repairs, t-shirts, fleece/jersey. I also have a blue crate for my current project to be housed in. After months of feeling frustrated looking in the wrong crate, my gift to myself was a Dymo labelmaker. 

This and That

It's amazing how many little things that you can accumulate as a sewist. This was a handy little shelf unit I found at ALDI. The boxes are mostly from IKEA but thankfully not all are full. They house buttons, iron-on patches, hand-sewing kit, selvedges, rotary cutters, scissors and rulers. There's a special box for my 3 year old daughter. It is filled with plastic buttons and cotton reels and brightly coloured cord so that she can thread while I work.

Workstation Zero

This is a great 5 legged table I picked up at IKEA for only $99...I think the legs were separately priced. It's not the right height for sewing but long enough that I can cut and stack as well. The draw unit was from IKEA a few years ago and houses my pin cushions, bobbins, business and order books. My ironing board sits to the right of this for easy access. If I am organised I have room for my laptop or a portable dvd player. I watch mostly documentaries, crime or period dramas. My favourite this year has been 'The Wire' with all 5 series loaned to me by a friend. If you haven't seen this crime drama, do yourself a favour. It's screens on ABC1 late on Friday nights.


  1. It is nice to have an area for creating quilts and other projects! You have done a very good job with organizing your space. My Best, Joni

  2. Your workspace is lovely. :)


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