Saturday, 13 August 2011

Operation 'Declutter' Continues

With 3 kids comes the challenge of storing things that they need everyday, some days and on a rainy day. This is what I came up with for an unused hallway corner.

It grew to this when I inherited a bag rack. Not sure whether I am too happy with this now as it looks too cluttered. Reduce the number of hats or bags?

I used the same concept to display the dress up wings, masks and tails that the kids like to use nearly everyday.


This is my daughter's room.

Ikea fabric shelving and boxes make a great space for shoes and winter gear.
The pram was mine when I was a little girl. The eye-spy quilt on the bed, the bedhead and the 'Thirties' quilt on the toy box were all made by my mum.

This is my oldest son's room.

Although my eldest son has this bedroom for his belongings, he chooses to sleep in the same bedroom as his younger brother. So these bunks are used for guests, playtime and quiet time.

This is my youngest son's bedroom.

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