Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Stash #69

The 'Miss Freelove' Homespun Edition

Wowzers! 69 Weeks of Sunday Stash! Great numbers. I was born in the Summer of '69. 

This week I was Star Wars pattern testing for Kristy of Quiet Play - not a hardship really - but I needed some flesh coloured fabric pronto. 

So I ventured off to Spotlight and found some Prima Homespun in 'nude'. It is a slightly more pinkish than the Kona 'ice peach' that Kristy has ordered for her Star Wars blocks.

I also added some Prima 'chestnut' for his hoodie. Close to Kona 'chocolate'.

Then there are the staples of any good Bee stash - some black, white and light grey.

Hosting Sunday Stash

Thank you to the SEVEN extra bloggers who responded and signed up to host Sunday Stash last week. I so appreciate your enthusiasm. I needed to add a few extra dates to fit you all in. Here is the updated list for the remainder of 2013.

July 7th - Gemma of Pretty Bobbins
July 21st - Kristy of Quiet Play

August 4th - Amanda of What the Bobbin?
August 18th - Melissa of Ms Midge
August 25th - Heidi of Fabric Mutt

September 8th - Vera of Negligent Style
September 15th - Audrey of Hot Pink Quilts

October 6th - Emily of Sew E.T
October 20th - Foster of Foster Reviews It
October 27th - Michelle of Squeak Crafts

November 3rd - Rachael of The Floral Suitcase
November 17th - Lisa of In Port Hope

December 1st - Josh of Molli Sparkles
December 15th - Kelly of Made By Kelly
December 29th - Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts

Most Visited Last Week

And congratulations to Cynthia Brunz Designs and What the Bobbin! who were equally the MOST visited posts of the week.

Next week Sunday Stash is hosted by Gemma of 'Pretty Bobbins'.

Now it's your turn to link up your Stash reports below.


  1. I haven't been linking up lately because we've been in the process of moving (still ongoing; we just bought a house!) and so not much sewing has been happening. I've also been on a fabric diet, so no new acquisitions. This was a gift to my self for completing a major stage of the move.

    1. Totally understandable Em. That was me six months ago. Packing is relentless, but congratulations on your new home.

  2. I've just had some Prima Homespun arrive in the post too :) Those star wars blocks make me smile. Sx

  3. I love all the star wars blocks that are popping up! Can't wait to see a whole quilt of them! :o)

  4. Your Ben Kenobi blocks looks great. I swear I am probably the only person from my generation that has never seen a star wars movie. I think I was a teen when the first one came out. Thanks for all the visits from your blog last week. I don't have a post this week but hopefully you get lots of support! (Will still visit others to see what everyone is stashing!)

  5. I'm so excited to host in October! I tested Yoda for Kristy but haven't posted pictures yet :)

  6. I'm using some quilter's muslin for Robin's face, I couldn't find time for a shopping expedition. This is a fun linky, thanks for being a superb host!

  7. I love Star Wars and all your blocks :) PP is not my cup of coffee so I admire all who are able to do this.. Thank you for visiting my blog and welcoming to Sunday Stash :)


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