Friday, 30 November 2012

Katie Jump Kites is Flying!

Katie Jump Kites is finished!

Here she is on my lounge just where I imagined her to be.

I think the other lounge needs a friend in 2013.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Packing and Binding

I have been finishing up the SLQ of my Katie Jump Kites quilt this week. I got around to trimming it up.
Then making the binding and machine sewing it to the quilt on both sides.
I have to thank Kristy of Quiet Play for suggesting a new way to finish off the end of the binding using a French Binding technique by Molly Flanders. So so so so much easier!

This Week's Stats

Completed projects  -  Katie Jump Kites 

Currently in progress - Mystery Quilt back 
Yet to start  - 4 Liberty Pillowcases 
On Hold projects   Craftsy BOMs from June, August, September, October and November
                                     - Sherbert Dreams Quilt
I have also started packing for our MOVING DAY on the 14th December.
Well actually my girlfriend Courtney came by to pack up all my books and she has kicked me into the next phase even though I am still purging in the Master Closet. Thanks Court!

This Week's Moving  Stats

Completed projects  - books from lounge room

Currently in progress - dvs and cds
Yet to start  - kid's books
                         - everything else!
On Hold projects   

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tweaking the Family/Meals Room

Apart from the Kitchen this room is the MOST utilised. My kids watch tv and dvds, build cubbies, cut up small bits of paper, create LEGO structures and eat and drink.  (The kids helped to clean it all up though).

So here are the Before, During and After Photos
Even though I supervise quite well from the kitchen, they sure do know how to turn it from tidy to a mess in a very short amount of time. It's their gift. Some say it's their right.
The couches are actually chocolate brown but I am keeping the blue covers on for now. You would not believe the crumbs I find on these covers even though they are supposed to eat at the table.
I have given away the round IKEA table and some stools and chairs and brought the air hockey game in from the garage.
I have downsized the amount of LEGO as well. The rest is in storage. 
I have given away the orange shelves and drawers and donated a lot of craft supplies to the PreKindy. Even the board games have been culled.
My husband has given me permission to buy a NEW meals table when we move to our new house. He would like to see the back of this one but it has been with me since 1997 and I would like to give it a fresh coat of paint at the very least. 
meals table

It looks like a great Family and Meals room NOW but no doubt this room will be a mess again soon enough. 

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Great Purge

The Great Purge continues. No, not like Stalin's. But moving house in less than a month has forced me to be ruthless with clutter and stuff that we don't use any more. I think it helps that my kids are all in school next year and that they have outgrown most of the toys and clothes from their early years.


Old newspapers I had been holding onto since 1997. I did photograph some of them though.

Sad old shoes, socks, singlets  and undies. Also t-shirts that were out of shape.

Old kid's artwork, kid's and LEGO magazines. 

Given Away


Usable clothing - some skirts, dresses and baby clothes still with tags.

Books, toys, puzzles, coat hangers.

Not only has it been a relief to offload these BUT it mean LESS moving on moving day. I am hoping to accumulate LESS stuff and MORE freedom. It's shameful and embarrassing how much I have compared to folks less well off. I can live without most of it. So can my family. 

Still yet to tackle the Master and Kid's closets . Scary.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Stash #41

Saffron Craig - Wombat Wonderland wombat wonderland by Saffron Craig
Sunflower, In My Garden, Softie, Love

On World Wombat Day I was on the hunt for some Saffron Craig fabric when I stumbled upon a great online Organic Fabric Store called Honey Be GoodIt had the best prices for gorgeous lines I have always denied myself. Half the price of Australian suppliers. They have 20% OFF store wide this weekend.

Daisy Janie - Tilly 

Essence, Vinery in Dusk, Trellis in Dusk, Flourish

Amy Butler - Organic Soul amy butler organic
Trailing Orchid in grass, English Garden Bluestone, EG Pine, TO in Blue Velvet

Postage costs were horrendous as usual - but made worse by the weight of the two books. Be careful to get a quote for your postage first before you check out.

Patterns and Books

groove fmq scandi

Thank you to Alyce who did a great job hosting Sunday Stash last week. Lara from Luellabella will be hosting on December 16th. It is my hope that Sunday Stash will continue to grow (not for my sake - I am very unambitious, just ask my friends and family) and connect fabric lovers from all over the world. Hosting Sunday Stash opens it up to many different contacts.

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Friday, 23 November 2012

Lucky Girls ?

"Measure twice" Sewing Block for Kristy

This month, in the Wombat Stew, the Queen Wombat is Kristy from Quiet Play and she asked us to come up with a sewing related paper pieced block.

Concept sewing block for Kristy

This was my concept photo. Kristy was kind enough to turn it into a simple paper pieced pattern for me called "Measure Twice". We all know that golden rule!
A Quiet Play Sewing Room - Paper Pieced

I know that Kristy loves birds, Kate Spain, Sketch and Pearl Bracelets. But I was not sure about the colour scheme for the block. I spent a LOT of time auditioning the fabrics to match the fabulous "Sewing Room" block made by Kristy.

and Marieka's, from Bespoke Bites, version of Kristy's "Seam Ripper" block. I wonder what the other 4 wombats will come up with? Lucky Girls? Don't you love the final version of the ruler? I love the "quirky" factor that Japanese print fabrics throw into a block. 
fabrics for kristy

A Thought for the Turkeys

I hope the folks in the USA and Japan enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend. I heard a figure that some 250 000 000+ turkeys will be sold this week. That's nearly one turkey per person in the US! That's a mass genocide of the poor creatures. I think this cartoon I found on Pinterest sums it up well.

On a lighter note, head over to Blossom Heart Quilts to see Alyce's pattern test of a cute paper pieced turkey by Kristy.

And a gorgeous pattern for a mug rug by Amanda The Patchsmith. Amanda has so many gorgeous mug rug patterns popping up on her blog for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. She is soooooo productive and creative. 

All three of these ladies are Craftsy pattern designers. I have some talented blogging friends.

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tweaking the Master Bedroom


Far from the sanctuary that we are encouraged to make it, our master bedroom becomes a bit of a dumping ground for unsorted laundry....
oh and any other things that the kid's drag in.
So this room took me more than a month to sort out because of all the flannelette sheet sets to vacuum seal and put away under the bed.

Floor Space


My Bedside
So enjoy these BEFORE, DURING and AFTER photos...

Husband's Bedside

Tall Boy



It is definitely better to walk in with the laundry all gone. It has become my sanctuary again.

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