Wednesday, 14 November 2012

KJK Quilting

Memory Craft on loan

Now that my mum's regular machine can wind bobbins again, I have borrowed her Janome Memory Craft machine. It has a deeper throat to push the bulk of my Katie Jump Kites quilt into.
It's kind of weird to use a new machine and this one has many more buttons and displays than my own Janome 2101DC. There were 7 steps to even thread the thing! I had to thread on top of the old thread and then pull the old one away.

Once I started quilting I noticed that the back of the quilt was puckering. I adjusted the foot pressure. No change. I posted a 'help me' comment to the WALL of the Quilt Club Australia Facebook page. I read the manual. Adjusted the thread tension. Slight change. What to do?
Then I found a huge blob of fluff on the back of the quilt and some really messed up stitching. Fluff! Of course! I opened that baby up and sure enough she was choked up with thread fluff. Naughty me for not cleaning the machine first. Puckering gone! I am using Aurifil thread for the first time in both top and bottom - so I will be interested to see how much fluff will accumulate after I finish this quilt.
I am SLQ (Straight Line Quilting) by shadowing the ditch 1/4" on either side of the verticals but I am not sure if I will do the same for the horizontals. I know that that the Modern Quilting trend is to quilt more (usually for high use quilts) but I like the softness that comes from less quilting.

This Week's Stats

Completed projects  -  hand embroidered names on the tree decorations
Currently in progress - Mystery Quilt back 
                                               - Katie Jump Kites - quilting
Yet to start  - 4 Liberty Pillowcases 
                         - Wombat Stew sewing block for Kristy
On Hold projects   - Sherbert Dreams Quilt
                                      - Craftsy BOMs from June, August, September, October and November

Big Event in the Sky

We were thankful for the fog this morning because we could view the partial eclipse with our sunglasses on.

Moving House Looming

Ugh! I have got to start packing up our entire house into moving boxes next week so this list will probably slow to  a standstill now. I may need sewing therapy in between though. We'll see.

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  1. Glad you found the root of the puckering problem! I like a quilt to be lightly quilted too!

  2. I'm with you on the lightly quilted thing - makes the quilt nice and snuggly. Can't wait to see this quilt finished - it's so lovely!

    Hope you get that sewing therapy time in during the packing and moving!

  3. I can't wait to see how you decide to finish the quilting. It really is very pretty!

  4. Yuk! Don't you just hate fabric/thread lint! Glad to her it wasn't something more serious!

  5. Good luck on the packing! Label your current project well, with all needed supplies, so when you get to your new house, and need some therapy time, you can easily get to it :) priorities, you know. I enjoy your blog.

  6. It's always frustrating when our machines, which are suppose to make everything easier, make things harder. Darn human element!

    Looks like you've have a wonderful quilt going. Can't wait to see it when it is finished.

    Great Job!


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