Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tweaking the Linen Press

Strange name - Linen Press. I actually don't have one. I have a built-in linen cupboard in our rental. But the name has stuck since childhood because that's what my mum called her built-in linen cupboard. Actually a Linen Press was a free standing cupboard made out of wood usually mahogany, oak or walnut. They were popular in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. If you can find an original linen press, then hang onto it, it may be worth quite a bit as an antique.

I tweaked the linen cupboard earlier this year, and decluttered last September, so this week it just needed a tweak to look fresh again.

Here's are my secrets for having a linen press to be proud of and does not spill its contents into you once opened.

1. Limit the amount of towels you have. You really only need 2 sets per person to live in the cupboard. One set is in use or in the wash.

2. Buy some cloth storage bags. I found these ones at Big W and they have a window for easy identification.

3. Fold sheet sets into one of the pillow cases to keep them all together and tidy. Fold towels so that you disguise their uneven edges. I have learned to fold mine in half, then lengthwise into thirds and then in half again.

Under Bed Storage
Because our linen press is small, I do keep winter flannelette sheets in vacuum sealed storage bags under our queen bed. Also blankets and doonas.

I am a quilter and sometimes an unused sheet or doona cover can be a cheap alternative to fabric for a quilt backing.

If your kids have outgrown the themes, donate them to other friends with younger kids. Often they are in good enough condition to be appreciated by a new generation. My boys are into Star Wars now and so the Toy Story doona covers will have to be donated before we move. Just yesterday I found an entire box (unpacked from our move 3 years ago) of our old towels. I had not even missed them. Still in good condition, they went to the local op-shop this morning.

Rag Bag
For lots of reasons, keep a bag of old hand towels, tea towels and face washers handy. Great for spills, blood, and vomit. I speak from experience. Mine are tucked neatly into a fashionable IKEA grocery bag. (see 2nd top shelf)

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  1. I love your linen press, it is beautiful

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