Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 Challenge to Myself

"Aim at nothing and you are sure to hit it"

Now Australians are not, by nature, over achievers. Our mantra is more "stay modest and try your best" than "You are a winner!". But I do think that setting some goals is helpful in life. So I have set myself some goals to achieve in 2012. And here is the list:

  1. Participate in a 'block swap". I have already signed up with 12 ladies from my online 'Quilt Club Australia' group. My block is slated for February, and I plan to do a scrappy log cabin. 
  2. Participate in a 'BOM - Block of the Month'. Again there is a great online one with video tutorials from Craftsy.
  3. Make a few quilts using real patterns. Including a 'Civil War' churn-dash, a traditional 'Star' block, and a 'Fussy Fairytales' one with my '1001 Peeps' fabrics.

4. Learn how to sew in a zipper and then make many many pouches.
5. Make a layered skirt using an Amy Butler pattern.
6. Make a few pillow cases and cushions.

7. Write and stick to a family budget.
8. Establish a working and practical Household Notebook that has easy access to important information.
9. Sort through the moving boxes in the garage that have not been touched since we moved in 2 years ago.
10. Learn to use my Creative Memories computer programs and templates to create pages. 11. Learn some blogging tips. 
12. Get back into photography now that I have a new digital SLR camera.
That's all I can think of for now...but 12 seems achievable. I am sure there are many sub-goals that will be reached along the way.

Writing them down is a start at least...and it will help me to stay accountable by making them public.


  1. Hey! If you want help keeping yourself motivated on the BOM, we'd love to see your work as you go at the BOMs Away linky parties. I put them up every Monday to help myself and others want to keep working. Here's an URL for getting to the latest one: http://whatahootquilts.blogspot.com/search/label/BOMs%20Away

  2. Wonderful! I love it!

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog! :) To get the 12 in 2012 image, you just have to right-click it, select save image as and save it to your computer. Then go to your Blogger design and wherever you want the image, click Add a Gadget, select picture, select choose file and then select the image you want. You can even add a link to it if you'd like. :)

    Take care & good luck with your list!

  3. Thanks Lyn and Regina for inviting me to join your linkys...and for teaching me how to do it. You are enabling me to achieve one of my '2012 Challenge to Myself'...to improve my blogging and computer skills. hehehe.


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